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Tony Flaherty entered the armed forces directly from high school, there being few other options. He rose through the ranks in the U. S. Navy to Senior Chief Petty Officer before being commissioned an officer until his retirement in 1974, having been decorated for combat service in Vietnam. There followed a period of illness, homelessness, and earning a BS in Political Science from Suffolk University. At the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, he founded and directed the Tenant Assistance Program, intervening in matters involving addiction to alcohol and drugs among management and tenants. Thereafter, he founded the Center for Community Recovery Innovations which has resulted in the investment of over 5 million dollars for housing for women with children suffering from addiction and the establishment of sober housing for diverse populations. Like Jack Tobin, he adheres to the observation of Maj. General Smedley Butler, USMC, that “War is a racket – a few profit – the many pay.” Tony likewise believes he is proof positive of General Butler’s self-appraisal “I never had an original thought in my head, until I left the military – I was a high-class muscleman for capitalism big business, Wall Street and bankers.” Tony is an active member of Veterans for Peace and South Boston Residents for Peace, and is an ardent advocate of legislation which will deny pay to politicians and businessmen providing war materials in excess of the pay of the lowest ranks of the men and women they have voted to send to die or be maimed for lies during military actions. He feels strongly that “peace” is a dirty word in America, and there should be a moratorium on the construction of memorials and attendant services, as they constitute political photo-ops but are actually the primary thrust of propaganda infecting the minds of young peoples and romanticizing horror, i.e. war.


4 Responses to “About Tony”

  1. Paul Rifkin Says:

    One Tony Flaherty is a shining light

    Two would burn ever more bright

    Let us stand with Tony and fight the fight

    So that Peace and Love shall

    illuminate the night.

  2. paul schaefer Says:


    Glad to reconnect with you via what looks like a promising blog. You really should consider coming to our VFP gathering here in rural Wisconsin this year. It’s the 7th one…called Pigstock…and maybe we could prevail on you to be a speaker. We would of course feed and house you. Date: July 18th.

    in solidarity,
    Paul Schaefer

  3. Joe K Says:

    Tony. This is a great Blog. It tells the truth. As the saying goes. The Truth will set us free, but it will make us Miserable first. Great reading and keeping me up to date on the activities of the War Lords in this country. Joe

  4. Steven Tobin Says:


    I particularly like the part of the romanticism of war. W said last year he thought of the mission in Iraq in romantic terms – fighting for freedom, democracy, all that nonsense. He’ll go to his grave a complete failure and moron who has been duped 100%, glad to see you’re fighting the good fight and trying to help people see how they have been duped and possibly change things.

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