About Jack


jack tobin quit college and joined the marine corps at age 17, determined to defend his country. his three-year tour included combat in korea in 1952-53. two years after his discharge, he returned to college, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in english and a doctorate in education. he taught for a number of years at the college/university level. at age 69, he earned a master’s degree in library science and worked as a college reference librarian. he has recognized the irrefutable truth of smedley butler’s “war is a racket” and that he had been just one more dupe of the imperialist empire. jack has been a member of the ACLU since 1962 and is proud of his membership in CORE, NAACP, and A.N.S.W.E.R. he joined VFP in 1991 but left it after realizing that its efforts were not directed toward essential systemic change.


One Response to “About Jack”

  1. Jeremy Kuzmarov Says:

    Jack is a generous man and stand-up guy. It has been my pleasure to have gotten to know him when we worked together at Emmanuel College.

    Jack, thanks for notifying me of your site. Many good articles and insights. keep fighting the good fight against US militarism and imperialism!

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