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Letter to the Boston Globe

October 5, 2010

How patriotic of the Globe to feature the stress encountered by Harvard ROTC students (Racketeers for Capitalism in gestation) in having to get up a half-hour early to get to MIT for training; two T-Stops to Kendall I believe. Interestingly the Globe noted that none of the cadets offered, or indeed had an opinion as to their being barred from the Harvard Campus because of the policy of “Don’t ask – Don’t tell.” Perhaps such mental indolence may be preferable to that of the innumerable political policy sycophants on the campus vigorously supporting unconscionable, illegal, immoral wars of empire throughout the world; policy-makers, incidentally, historically unaccountable. Meanwhile our jails are filled with the poor, and growing numbers of women guilty of
bouncing checks to feed their children, while illustrious Harvardians enjoy the fruits of empire-building slaughter worldwide. Marvelous your suppression of history and sense of priority for front-page news.

Tony Flaherty, LT, USN
South Boston Residents for Peace