At noon today, at the Ironworkers Hall in South Boston, former President Clinton arrived to extol the virtue of Congressmen Lynch, former President Bush’s most vigorous supporter of an illegal/immoral war, militarization of youth, who was silenced at the recent Labor Day Breakfast, and booed to silence on the Commons because of his failure to support the health care initiative. And just this week, he was the only member of the nine-member Congressional delegation to vote to continue funding the disaster in Afghanistan.

For several days, various peace entities called for demonstration. Ken Doll Clinton, who essentially destroyed what there was of any real Democratic party by moving it to Center right, was hailed, and I would say there was a remarkable crowd in support of Lynch, with many young persons waving his placards. Where were the anti-war proponents?

In my twenty years of peace activism, this display had to be the most depressing of all. If anyone thinks we have made progress, you are truly among the ranks of the deluded, which unfortunately included a few stalwarts today, K. Flaherty, L. Hickey, Joe Kebartas, Rob Morris, and R. Ajamian who came in from Bridgewater. It was very clear, at least to me, that entrenched power has nothing to fear, particularly when cumulatively those who are advocating peace, in fact, mirror so much the political establishment they have bought and paid for, an ineffective Congress of Blowhards. It has been said that in France the government fears the people, and in America the people fear the Government – in the last analysis we are a joke, a last-nighter on the off-Broadway stage or as an entity to be afforded ANY consideration whatsoever.

Sadly –

Tony Flaherty


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