9/11 , ad nauseam

some friends attended a lecture by david ray griffin about the government’s involvement in 9/11, which they reported was very good. i am forced to make the following comment:

the basic problem with 9/11, as of today, is that whatever happened is irrelevant. as michael ruppert wrote in 2003, if the questions surrounding it were not resolved before the 2004 election, it would be ancient history.

of course it was a government conspiracy, of course bush, etal, should be in jail. but even if they were hanged, what difference would it make? would climate warming, peak oil, etcetera ad nauseam, be solved? thus, every ounce of energy spent on 9/11 — as fascinating as 9/11 is — is energy that, not addressing the vital issues of survival, is completely wasted. i referred to such behavior, sometime around 1994, as mental masturbation. it still is.

if gay marriage is legalized throughout the country, so what? if the polar bear is saved, so what? if abortion is completely legal everywhere, so what? if [insert issue] is resolved, so what?

oh, but of course, our first real concern has to be whether the times square bomber (as opposed to the real obomber) was working for the taliban. resolving that question will solve all our problems. well, maybe excepting war, oil, water, climate, population, etcetera ad nauseam. . . .



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