st. patrick’s day festivities

Dear Senator:

I am in receipt of your invitation to join you on St. Patrick’s Day. Thank You.

Unfortunately, I must decline. I notice in the accompanying card there is a photo of seven young children. I cannot help but wonder if any of them are yours or those of Congressman Lynch. Were they, I would perhaps be more chagrined, knowing that there must be some consciousness, on your part, that many of our children will be infected by the militarism and glory of “patriotism” in Amerika’s pursuit of empire on display — the main display of the St. Patrick’s Day hubris.

Walking the streets, I notice that next door to the Community Health Center are billboard’s promoting “Order your Ice Cold Keg for St. Patrick’s Day.” Strange, in the face of our political rhetoric as to concern for our addicted children and drunkenness on St. Patrick’s Day. A moron would admit that alcohol is the “Big Daddy” of drug abuse, but I have yet to witness a legitimate effort to address this issue beyond “macho” men meetings threatening clampdown.

At your previous St. Patrick’s day charades, I had a sister back from working with children in Rwanda escorted from your hall for ringing a bell in protest of war, and the next year a Bronze Star Veteran and the Mother of a soldier in Iraq were likewise muscled out when asking to address the audience. Forgive me, but rather than you and the Congressman insuring honors are extended to the likes of “Wacko” Hurley,” (name says it all) and other barroom patriots such as Harry Uhlman, none of whom have ever witnessed body parts in the form of shrapnel, as will perhaps some of the children depicted in the
photo — you might consider your part in promoting death and destruction throughout the world through benign neglect of the immorality of war.

I have enjoyed speaking with you on two occasions,and recall that you seem to listen — pity none in our illustrious political establishment will acknowledge that war is a racket, in which the many poor pay, while the few, similar to those enjoying access to the new Seaport endeavors, profit. Forgive me, but I cannot help but think that, like me, you and Congressman Lynch were privy to the story of Christians being thrown to the lions in the Roman Arena. Such is the fate of the countless children on parade in the NJROTC, who will be applauded by the likes of the aforementioned “barroom patriots,” whose children will not be at risk. Jesus Christ would weep, as would any of our Irish forebears who had not lost touch with their roots, witnessing such manipulation of innocents — mostly children of color of course.

Have a happy day stirring some life into your vacant audience. I do not envy you your efforts to derive more than spittle and sentimental drivel while humming to the tune of The Wild Colonial Boy. Indeed the Wild Colonial Boy has been replaced by neutered political acolytes, blessed by a witless priest from St. Rigid’s. Good luck.

Tony Flaherty, LT, USN, Retired
South Boston Residents for Peace


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