our current statea of being

the following is predicated upon the rather tenuous expectation that obomber may not extinguish life on earth via a nuclear holocaust.

probably the most maddening of the idiocies emanating from washington these days is the total absence of recognition of what is really happening in the world. all the politicking is predicated on the eventual return of the u.s. to the conditions which existed prior to the current depression. that is simply not going to happen.

1. peak oil, if it has not arrived, is coming soon. that means demand will outstrip supply as the world, with increasing rapidity, runs out of oil. spend five minutes contemplating the world without oil, if you can do so without going crazy. (think, at least, of food, heat, cooling, transportation, and medicines)

2. today’s figure for the current human population of the world is close to 6.7 billion. most prognosticators expect population to peak at about 9 billion. earth cannot sustain this number, especially without oil.

3. it is widely accepted that earth produces sufficient food to feed today’s population, a major problem being distribution of it. without oil-based fertilizer, production of the required amount of food will no longer be possible, and problems of distribution will be insurmountable.

4. the increasing number of people needing water, together with the steadily increasing amount of earth’s water being polluted by the production of unbelievable numbers of worthless goods, will lead to inconceivable numbers of people dying from thirst or from water wars.

5. the ultimate effects of global warming are not entirely predictable, other than that they will most likely be catastrophic.

6. and whatever else i have not mentioned.


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