Obama proposes $950 billion ‘health’ bill with no public option

President Barack Obama made a last-ditch bid to revive his stalled U.S. insurance company bailout on Monday with a plan to make insurance coverage more affordable and to bolster government authority to regulate premium hikes. Republicans declared the effort dead on arrival. Such efforts to ‘regulate’ insurance cartel rate hikes would be overturned by this High Wh*re Court in five pico-seconds, and constitutional ‘scholar’ Obama knows it. This proposal is like every other Obama initiative, steeped in soaring rhetoric but baked in a lie. As to the GOP declaring the bill dead on arrival: Obama — the unpopular kid in high school who can’t get a date — is still *begging* to be let into their clique! Oh, please, please GOP – please like me! What a joke. At least Bush and Cheney (war criminals both) never wavered and didn’t give a rat’s rump what *anyone* thought about them! I CANNOT respect Obama, a cowardly sycophant, nor his defenders.

[See: Barack Obama: Change We Can Deceive In –A critique from the Left By Lori Price 19 Aug 2009.]


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