like it really is — and is going to be

by Winston Warfield

One trajectory has it that the “problem of the state” will resolve itself (eventually), as entropy takes over (the end of oil, etc.) and such an absurd concentration of vertical integration cannot be maintained. It’s already happening, as we saw with Hurricane Katrina. The term, which is used pejoratively with reference to others, is “failed state,” and I believe it’s at bottom the result of the entropy trap, everywhere across the planet. We here in this geographic entity are already a failed state, but on the way to oblivion, because it is so ponderous, the state will morph into panic-stricken attempts to “maintain order” (fascism), which will be impossible as the necessary energy inputs disappear. The stage we are in now is political/social cannibalism (in the Motherland), as we serfs are bled of our last ounce of input, but most of the panic at this point is being directed into planetary extirmination of peoples and cultures which are inconvenient, in order to capture and enclose the remaining energy inputs (resources). The project in front of us at this juncture is to survive, you ask me, and to acquire the necessary skills and outlook. First, we have to cease, immediately, expecting (to the extent any still are) the leopard (the state, Wall St., corporations, etc.) to change its spots, and get serious about self-reliance. This is one reason liberalism is dead; its assumptions that the state can be “reformed” to deliver our needs, are in total disrepute. All the gallons of ink spilled bemoaning the unwillingness of the elites to “reform,” are in vain, you ask me.


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