the coming shit storm

I’ve been reading this thread with interest. Trust me, I have to discard 99% of the junk entering my e-box weekly, and that includes much of what “the left” thinks. As one who’s got some theoretical self-training in alternative forms of social organization (starting with independent reading in Vietnam when not being worked to death as an enlisted man, or putting out Claymores at concertina-wire perimeters (“This Side Toward Enemy”), or Happy Motoring on Bernard Fall’s “Street Without Joy” [Highway 1]), I have always had respect for theory and intellectual work. So, threads like this don’t get discarded. It’s because of independent thinking that this small group “came out” early and called Obama on his bullshit, if you’ll remember, and by-inference liberalism. It’s due to the same contrary streak that we gave the middle finger to Zionism and its apologists in this internet arena, from early on, partly because a lot of us have actually disseminated theory (capitalism and imperialism) by force of arms, so know what willy pete looks like falling on civilians, for example.

I am kind of attracted to Jack’s anarchism, having read all of Chomsky’s works, which on a deep level inculcate a respect for democracy. I agree with the “human nature” critique of yours, Jack, as usually a red herring to short-circuit creative thinking. Yet, I’ve got enough experience to be wary of the determinist outlook which views our species as solely products of environment, which if radically altered would produce the perfect “proletarian man”. Yet, maybe they’re right, as it’s never really been tried, yes? (Forget the Soviet experiment, which you are correct in labeling “state-capitalism”), and which, don’t forget, had to militarize in order to survive. By the way, I have serious paradigm-level critique of what I would call the “cornucopian error” of Marxism, which doesn’t deal with the sustainability argument of environmentalism. Yet at that point in history, how could they? The great Cold War between communism and capitalism has revolved in practice around how to divvy up the spoils of industrialism, not industrialism (and its retarded step-brother, “consumerism”) itself.

Anyway, theory is rapidly morphing into practice, as this carcinogenic economic system we live in cannot escape its own internal contradictions and the laws of entropy, which require it to export disorder so as to maintain order in the great parasitical suburban fuck-box that is the “developed” world. That disorder is of course now growing like kudzu vine in the homeland, while Gold Sacks awards GNP-level bonuses to its courtiers. I’m waiting for the uprising, which cannot be long in coming; the misery index is off the scale already. Meanwhile, we do what we can on a local level, which is after all, the stratum on which we actually live our lives. Me? I’m buttoning up the house to do my part in conserving energy, educating my kids (to include “outside the box” thinking and skills acquisition in preparation for the coming tsunami), and trying to figure out how to manage the transition while still surviving in an economy contracting faster than a hard-on in a January Nantasket Beach skinny-dip.


Winston Warfield


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