Letter to the Editor, Boston Globe

Would that you put it all together! After reading that protection of the Spirit of Boston party cruise ship from terrorists will be provided from stimulus funds, while babes of the Marshall School are treated to protection of countless motorcycle police in Roxbury, due to multiple shootings, it would not surprise me in the least if a Castle Island Brigade were not funded in anticipation of the arrival of the Taliban soon. As Kevin Cullen points out, “when there is violence, the official response is dictated by zip codes, the zeroes in the bank account, etc,” or, indeed, the ability of politicians to place family members in remunerative management positions at community organizations, while staff who might have been able to put together plans to apply for stimulus funds are cut to the bone. One also has to wonder if our already overburdened police are there to protect the children, or the lining up of political hypocrites mewling platitudes about “All Gawd’s Children.” Indeed, where is the anger? Where is the rage?


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