Veterans for Peace?

It is beyond my comprehension how Veterans for Peace would join in any endeavor with the American Legion. Beyond all rhetoric, Veterans for Peace should be advocates for Peace, and even a cursory review of the history of the American Legion by our supposed leadership would reveal that first and foremost the American Legion is a tool and proponent of war as an instrument of American foreign policy.

Furthermore, any association with the American Legion with respect to Veterans Day would result in our being placed in a subordinate position — ergo, locally a dying entity would be regenerated as a forgiving parent. It is about time that Veterans for Peace be seen clearly and not ambiguously. Association withe the American Legion would be odious, and our capitulation to such leadership would confirm the suspicion of many in a leaderless society that we are neither fish nor fowl and will pay any cost for acceptance and what purports to be a loving, and of course “peaceful,” posture. Permission to do anything from the American Legion would be conrfirmation that indeed we are naught but a “nuisance.”

Tony Flaherty


One Response to “Veterans for Peace?”

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