The Shadow Strikes Again

Congressman Lynch comes up a winner again with the White House announcement there will undoubtedly be no public option. If you will note his website , he had no position on the Health Care Debate, except to note in the Boston Herald when challenged by SEIU, “He wanted to know how it would be paid for.” I ask you what you would think of a “friend” sitting on the steps of “G” Street when you would need a hand pushing a car up the hill out of the way. I would wager you would not think much of the “friend” peeking out from the lace curtains sheltering his persona from observation of the poor, the lame, the halt, the blind — the “suckers” who buy the “Democratic” “Union” label once given meaning despite the lash on the back of their forefathers, but co-opted by a “wannabe” elite, secure in the “old boy” club installed in “Birmingham North” — the 9th Suffolk Congressional District.

If you look further into the site, you will find a donation on behalf of Curry College in the amount of $7,500 to his Congressional campaign – why? Are the students there immune from financial distress? Added to that you can expect a fascist President and the presence of “security” forces insuring order at Lynch’s proposed Forum from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 27. Those who were present when he held a forum on the Iraq war in 2006 can predict what a charade this will be, and bravo to those who can brave the traffic at such an hour — I doubt any family of the poor in South Boston or Brockton could even venture in what state the hallowed halls of Curry college are found.

Would appreciate feedback from anyone who can think of a single solitary position of Congressman Lynch with respect to health care, housing, immigration, utilization of the justice system to control the poor, which indicates “leadership” or a progressive disposition beyond “comfortable” rhetoric. Soon, unfortunately, there will be an election for the Senate. I would wager you would laugh at his prospects — don’t. Seriously — reflect how a “slug” thrives on the stupidity of the “electorate” in the fact of the photo-ops by “suits.” Most of us know Senator Kennedy, and know that he stood for the least of those in our society, and liked him for that. “Congressman Lynch is no Senator Kennedy,” but he does have a strength in which he finds comfort — the strength bestowed by a society that has lost it “roots” and any idea of “soul.”

If anyone attends, please “try” (you will be hooted down) to ask him how it is he is so willing to support immoral wars and the murder of innocents worldwide, to say nothing of personal aggrandizement of himself and “associates,” but so reluctant to question slavish support of America’s military industrial slaughter machine. Why is it that the association of the term “War Criminal” stops at the door of G. Bush, and D. Chaney. What about those who like Senator Prescott Bush as late as 1943 were the main support of Hitler and the war machine in Nazi Germany? The vote we give Lynch is the war criminal’s bankroll — one they can count on.

Tony Flaherty


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