Welcome To The Looney Bin

The Urugayan writer Eduardo Galeano recently asked: “Is justice just? In this upside-down world, is she still on her feet? The Cobbler of Iraq, the man who threw his shoes at Bush, was sentenced to three years in prison, which was then reduced to one. But shouldn’t he be given an award instead?

Who is the terrorist, the thrower or his target? Isn’t the guilty party the serial killer (George W. Bush) who invented the Iraq War out of lies, assassinated a people, legalized torture, and ordered it used?”

Closer to home in the insane asylum of Massachusetts, police officers were recently sentenced to 45 days suspension, after a two-year investigation revealing they were stoned on steroids and other substances available at a police protected after hours club, directed by a brother police officer coordinating police protection squads to drug dealers, while a distracted MBTA driver will face three years in jail because of an accident happening while he was cell-phoning his fiancee.

And then today one is solicited to contact their “Progressive” Congressional Representative S. Lynch and ascertain his position on the “public option” in the health care bill. Talk about “upside-down,” that the question has to be asked, terming such a personage who was the firmest supporter of George Bush’s war from 2003-2005, and his ludicrous position in the Terry Schiavo drama, a “progressive” has to be proof positive we are considered inmates – rightly so.

Tony Flaherty
South Boston Residents for Peace


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