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Obama Is No Sell Out: Just The Empire’s Latest Puppet

July 30, 2009

The politicos of the Republican party wolves and the Democratic party foxes [i.e. the Republicrats] are in actuality continuing business as usual, invariably at the expense of the masses of everyday people, with the willing, able, and invaluable assistance of their current puppet Barack Obama – “the smooth…tricky fox.”

The American Heritage College dictionary defines the term sell out, in relevant part, as “One who has betrayed one’s principles or an espoused cause.” Thus, it is technically incorrect to refer to Barack Obama as a “sell out,” in that he has consistently demonstrated that he, like most of his Republican and Democratic party colleagues, have no “principles” whatsoever when it comes to steadfastly protecting and promoting the fundamental political and economic interests of the everyday, common people of this nation. To refer to Barack Obama as a “sell out” is to bestow upon him far too much credit. . . .

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Kunstler: Evil Syndicated

July 27, 2009

. . . But surveying the scene out there, it is hard to not conclude that Goldman Sachs has become the “front-runner” of a criminal syndicate defrauding US taxpayers. . . .


Netanyahue to Obama: Fuck Off Again

July 24, 2009

“The separation fence will remain in place and will not be dismantled,” Netanyahu told Knesset members.

House Panel Threatens Obama Over Gitmo Tactics

July 21, 2009

Interrogating the Uighurs


Last Thursday, while most U.S. media outlets were focused relentlessly on the marathon endurance test that was Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights And Oversight held a hearing to investigate why the Bush administration had allowed Chinese interrogators to visit Guantánamo to interrogate the prison’s 22 Uighur inmates in 2002.

The Truth About Soy

July 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered about soy? It’s promoted as the miracle food that will feed the world while at the same time prevent and cure all manner of diseases.

But what if all you’ve read about soy is nothing but a multi-million dollar marketing strategy based on scanty facts, half-truths and lies?

Most people remain unaware that soy is known to contain an array of potent chemical toxins. The modern manufacturing processes of high-profit industries make no effort to remove these potent toxins. High levels of phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors, toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines are all present in soy products.

Netanyahu tells Obama to Fuck Off

July 19, 2009

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he would not take orders over Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem, rejected on Sunday a U.S. demand to halt plans to build more homes for Jews in the disputed area.

Why is Leonard Peltier Still in Prison?

July 16, 2009

Assistant U.S. attorney Lynn Crooks didn’t produce any witnesses who could identify Peltier as the person who killed the agents. The government presented false evidence–the claim that only Peltier had the type of gun that killed the agents–and also concealed evidence showing that the gun they claimed Peltier used didn’t match the bullet casings found near the agent’s bodies.

Documents uncovered later through Freedom of Information Act requests revealed, among other things, that the judge met with the FBI before the trial began, and that the legal defense committee that emerged out of the Wounded Knee occupation had been infiltrated.

None of these facts are really contested by the federal government. In fact, at an appellate hearing in the 1980s, the government attorney conceded: “We had a murder, we had numerous shooters, we do not know who specifically fired what killing shots…we do not know, quote unquote, who shot the agents.”

Sotomayor for the Prosecution

July 16, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor’s all-but-certain conifirmation will be a notable victory for the Democrats, and a long-overdue victory for diversity on the nation’s highest court. Whether it will be a victory for criminal justice is another question altogether–and one that seems to matter little to most of her liberal supporters. . . .

James Kunstler: Wobble Time

July 13, 2009

This kind of thing is what prompts casual observers to wonder if the president is a cynical shill for business as usual, or a victim of the worst conventional thinking with no real vision, or just another clueless sleepwalking bozo with a charming veneer.

War Crimes Times

July 11, 2009