Obama’s America: “A Peaceful Country” – Expanding the Farce

by Lenore Daniels

Okay. We no longer have to listen to a U.S. President and wince. We no longer anticipate hearing the explicit farce of a U.S. President who somehow managed to speak of gynecologists who “aren’t able to practice their love for women all across the U.S.” He was a good front man: entertaining, but no less devious than his sidekick and the company of men (and women) behind them. In the end, many believe the farce has ended.

We are now in an era of “transparency” with a U.S. president who has a command of the English language. Suddenly, people who once chuckled or winced with the world, listen to the eloquence of words flowing through the airwaves. The U.S. is still fighting “terrorists” but we call them “extremists” now.

America, a peaceful country, is fighting a just cause but with a fresh, new approach!  (continue reading at



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