How the Democratic Party Kills Hope

Another aspect of the Democratic Party’s tag team role with the GOP: there’s a trick that the two ‘major’ parties play on the Progressive/Left movement over and over again; the Dems put forward a policy that no self-respecting progressive should support, the GOP attacks this policy with hate and smears, Progressives panic and dig in around the policy that none of them should support as if it was their fondest dream. The nomination of Sotomayor is a great example. She’s far from a progressive candidate for a Supreme Court that desperately needs an injection of progressivism. As soon as her name comes out, the Howling Right hits her with smears that they know won’t stick – but they’re not intended to stick! They are, in my opinion, intended to scare Progressives into digging in around bad policies, bad choices, etc..

paul kane


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