Kennedy still embraces the industrial complex

THAT THE concept of single-payer healthcare is dead is evident from Senator Kennedy’s op-ed on healthcare (“Health bill would fix what’s broken,” May 28) – evidence that he is naught but a Trojan horse for the health industrial complex in its rape of the taxpayer.

He writes, “Over the last year I’ve seen our healthcare system up close. I’ve benefited from the best of medicine, but I’ve also witnessed the frustration and outrage of patients and doctors alike as they face the challenges of a system that shortchanges millions of Americans.” This assertion, the height of hypocrisy, is equivalent to the professor at the Harvard Club sympathizing that the homeless on the corner cannot enjoy such an expertly prepared martini.

As a lifelong supporter of the senator, I don’t know whether I am more saddened by his stance or outraged by my stupidity. He and his cohort, Senator Max Baucus, the Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen of the Democratic Party, have provided the prescription for the demise of the very idea he cites: “Americans want the choice of enrolling in a health insurance program backed by government for the public good, not private profit.”



One Response to “Kennedy still embraces the industrial complex”

  1. Lenore Daniels Says:

    This news was disappointing to me also. There’s something in the Obama magic that turns progressives (Kennedy, at least on the issue of health care)
    into admirers of word tricks.

    Too bad.


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