Life In The Bible Belt

I would like to learn how to be interested in politics and avoid talking about religion because politics is so much affected by religion (religious beliefs). I just don’t understand how are you able to do it, and I envy you. To me, it’s like talking about pregnancy and forgetting mothers or babies. By the way, even discussion about pregnancy involves God again. I can’t remember any discussion in which God wasn’t involved at some point of time. Even the weather report can easily end up with “God’s will” or “punishment” or hope for “God’s intervention”. . . . The whole of public life is somehow based on religion. I am taking courses at VSCC. There are many young people. They walk around in T-shirts full of God’s words and look like walking billboards. They are too often offended by just hearing certain words, such as “evolution.” I’ve never seen less intellectually curious youth anywhere else in my entire life. I am sorry to say that I find it sad. Whenever I try to ask why is it so, I get an answer which makes me sad again. I am “just an immigrant,” or “socialist,” or “baby-killer,” or “godless European,” or “obviously against the greatest nation in the world.” Or people will just ignore me. There are so many forms of passive-aggressiveness. Someone should do something about it, but that’s politics or policy again. . . . I’ve gotten four bibles as gifts for some special events — I didn’t give my religious friends Dawkins’s books or videos on any occasion. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. I have lived in TN for two years and still can’t stop wondering. I feel absolutely attacked by religion and not in a good way. So, I don’t think that discussions about religions are result of “fascination by religion” but they certainly reflect, in my case for sure, fascination by what religion can do in and to one society. Why are people who claim to have rejected religion so preoccupied with religion? If there is a fly on the top of my nose standing there all the time, it’s impossible not to see it just because I rejected the idea that fly could be standing on my nose permanently. I could pretend that it isn’t there, but it IS still there shitting on my nose (pardon me, I could use “beep” instead that ugly word). If I can’t make it go away, the least I can do is share this unpleasant experience with those with the same experience.

a friend


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