Obama: The Consistent Killer

Linked is an alarming article (alarming only if you still believe Obama and the national security state are going to “change”) on the sexification of the counterinsurgency program in Afghanistan, with the appointment of the media’s new hero-saint, General Stanley McCrystal (special ops, Delta, Rangers, etc.), who now is presiding over a qualitative strategic escalation by organizing the invasion-by-infiltration of Pakistan. “Stan”, as Cheney affectionately calls him, ran Dick’s “executive assassination” squad out of the veep’s office, wherein hunter-killer teams* roam the globe torture-murdering their way into targeted GWOT organizations. McCrystal is “Mr. Death Squad”, and proud of it. Various media worms have been absolutely gushing over him of late, noting how he has “no body fat” and is an encyclopedic intellectual. That makes torture okay, of course, if its practitioner is a scholar. The “new intellectualism” of the Obama admin is now a key element in the re-packaging of imperialism, as McCrystal’s boss, Gen. Petraeus is also slobbered over for his Princeton pedrigee. Obama himself was sold to us as “more intellectual” than the hapless preppie cretin who warmed the Oval Office chair before him. Anyway, all this reminds me of decades ago, when another Ivy League president with impeccable liberal creds ascended to power from an out group, one Jack Kennedy, and proceeded to sex up imperial war with the invention of Special Forces (the “Green Berets”) to pursue counterinsurgency across our ravaged planet. Today’s manifestation of blue-blood patriarchy torturing and murdering its way into other people’s lands and lives is simply old wine in new bottles. But ‘scuse me, folks, fer historical reminders, as I know it’s subversive to even have an interest in history in the Land of Amnesia.

I invite you to peruse a particularly interesting thread by VfP’s own Stan Goff, former special ops and Delta operator, on McCrystal, the culture of impunity in the killer subculture of special ops, its relation to patriarchy, and McCrystal’s role in the conspiracy to coverup the fraticidal friendly-fire killing of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.


Winston Warfield


One Response to “Obama: The Consistent Killer”

  1. Jeremy Kuzmarov Says:

    good article. McChrystal resembles Lansdale and other CIA psy-warriors of the Vietnam era who spread massive violence and destruction culminating in the Phoenix program.

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