a little reality

where is the nation to get the money to fund anything, let alone pay off its debts, unless it makes products it can sell to other countries? our manufacturing base has been destroyed. what are we to do about the literally millions of former workers who have been permanently placed among the unemployed with no chance of ever, in a capitalist economy, getting another job? the job-loss pace has slackened, only about 530,000 last month — a may 8th article says: “A total of 5.7 million jobs have now been lost since the start of the recession in December 2007.”
chrysler and gm have announced the closing of about 1,900 auto dealerships. this is going to wreak havoc with communities, even towns, across the country. who has any idea, for instance, how many children’s and adults’ sports teams and leagues are sponsored by auto dealers? are they important in the overall scheme? economically, no, but in quality of life, absolutely.

what kunstler has been saying for a long time is that there are going to be massive changes in this country. the question is to what extent are people going to be prepared, hence have any chance of surviving?


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