Have We No Shame?

Today, one witnesses the chameleon-like behavior of our multi-million- dollar Senator Kerry hypocritically conducting a hearing on the Afghanistan war, excluding mention of Iraq, betraying every mother’s son who died in Vietnam and Iraq. This “hero” video-producer in Vietnam will undoubtedly extol the virtue of Seal goon veterans of Grenada, where we learned to “heroically” assault unarmed natives ignorant of our culture in the name of freedom and democracy, of course, so as to be at the ready to bring before the dock in New York a (by all reports) 15-year-old Somalian “pirate,” a child essentially, weeping that he is sorry (obviously he knows not of what), while a population supporting the troops is busily bidding for Bernie Madoff’s season tickets to watch imbeciles play ball in a luxurious playpen builty at public expense upon the urging of a billionaire Mayor. Certainly no greater evidence of the soul-searing consequences of capitalism exists. What a country – what a citizenry which placidly views the spectacle which cries out to heaven (were there such a spot) for justice, albeit that is a sign of wisdom, of there is certainly none in Amerika. I am a very bitter old man, ashamed of a sense of shame that should have been far more conscientiously observed much earlier in my lifetime.

Tony Flaherty

South Boston Resident for Peace


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