Where Is The Revolution?

It is difficult to write anything these days about what is happening in this country. Obama was projected to be pretty useless, but what he is up to is simply nauseating. He is a liar and a hypocrite and is clearly interested only in continuing the transfer of the nation’s wealth to the already rich.

I honestly don’t see anything which can bring about the changes that the people need in order to survive other than taking to the streets, overthrowing the government, and establishing a non-capitalist economy. Otherwise, to quote an old Marine Corps description of events, it’s like “shoveling shit against the tide.”

for a succinct description of the present, see Cockburn’s latest column in Counterpunch: http://www.counterpunch.com/



One Response to “Where Is The Revolution?”

  1. Tony Flaherty Says:

    While I can agree with much of my partner’s charge, I find myself – perhaps strangely – a bit ambivalent. When reflecting upon the President, I seem to be haunted with the memory of an interview I once conducted with Senator George McGovern about his daughter’s descent into alcoholism and the tragic consequences. He granted me over two hours, and we discussed much of history, his participation in World War II, presidential nomination, and later efforts in behalf of addressing the problems of world hunger, and lack of peace. When I left his office and was outside the building I felt a tremendous sense of humility and was struck with the thought that in the dark night of America’s soul, e.g. the Vietnam War, we were gifted with the presence of such men in the face of such evil on the planet. I began to cry, and could not stop; flew back to Boston and immediately contacted a psychiatrist at the VA. I believe that for me it was an epiphany of sorts – it was the beginning of my accepting PTSD as real. Also, I did know, for sure, that there is “hope,” and will pray that just maybe some young man in the future might report some such experience through an interlude with President Obama.

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