re: Bill Moyers and Simon Johnson

i think both moyers and johnson are living in a make-believe world and have no idea of what reality is. 1) they both, at least overtly, accept the fiction that this is a democracy, astounded that we are threatened by an oligarchy. i mean, duh, the u.s. was founded as an oligarchy and is currently in an advanced stage of totalitarianism. 2) they are talking about a “recession” even though unemployment is already over 17% (25% in the great depression) and clearly heading up at an increasing rate. i recall a comment james kunstler made fairly recently, to the effect that what’s coming is going to make the 1930’s look like your grandmother’s yard sale. they seem to have no clue that this is something new and that none of the old economic theories is applicable. (incidentally, i doubt that any capitalist economist is competent to even comment on what is happening and going to happen.) 3) they are concerned with getting the economy back on track and re-becoming a viable democratic capitalist empire. i do not think there is the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of that, not to mention the fact that capitalism and democracy are are totally incompatible. there is no hint that they even think of such things as global warming, the end of oil, overpopulation. the destruction of the environment.

johnson takes it as a matter of fact that “I think we agree, everyone agrees, we don’t want the government to run banks in this country.” he and the rest of the oligarchy don’t want that; i sure do.

“The bankers think we’re chumps. . . We have leadership that can handle this.” who? just for kicks, i wish he had tried to name even one.

“That is factually inaccurate, in my opinion,” says johnson, because he hasn’t the balls to say geithner lied.

additionally, i think the stimulus program as passed by congress is not digging our hole deeper, but the first shovelfuls of our interment.



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