St. Patrick Would Weep

Due in no small way to the silent complicity of the press and both local and state politicos, on March 15th, 2009, at a cost to the city of many thousands of dollars providing security to contain public drunkenness, hundreds of minority children, in the main those who endure poverty, abuse, crime, and violence in their everyday lives, will march in JROTC brigades, similar to the Hitler Youth Corps, before a million spectators — many middle class parents urging their children to wave flags, comfortable it is these “other” children who will be the future deranged veterans homeless in the streets.

Concurrently, at the Convention Center, at memorial services, in churches and barrooms, pious sentiments will be expressed urging “Support of the Troops,” while voices with a message of “peace” are barred from participating, and would in fact be stoned outside churches were they to hold a sign advocating such. Such is the mandate of a “wacko” society, appropriately dictated in Birmingham North — South Boston — a society ignoring its Irish Heritage where once upon a time schools opened, rather than closed, with such monies, simply because they once were “other.” Only in America……and sadly, yes proudly, in South Boston. St. Patrick would weep!



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