the son of a bitch in the white house authorizes bombing of Pakistani civilians

This is what the “change” Obama promised turns out to be – instead of a Republican murderer in the White House, we now have a Democratic murderer in the White House. Could we contact them, the innocents dead because of Obama’s authorization of Predator bombings in Pakistan would most likely not express much concern over which side of our ruling political party ordered their deaths. From the Washington Post: “Officials described Obama’s overall approach to what the administration calls ‘Af-Pak’ [Afghanistan-Pakistan] as a refusal to be rushed, using words such as ‘rigor’ and ‘restraint.’ ‘We know we’re going to get [criticism] for taking our time,’ said a senior official. . . .” The dead won’t criticize, and why “rush”? After all, it’s only Pakistani who are being killed. But if one really needs time to formulate plans for an increased war in Af-Pak, is it not possible to stop bombing civilians while those plans are being formulated? Oops, sorry, I forgot they’re only Pakistani.

What will it take to drive Americans into the streets to shut down this grotesque monstrosity of a government?



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