Stimulus? or Death Knell?

As Democrats and Republicans battle over Obama’s stimulus plan, each with their own opinions, certain facts cannot be denied:

1. The only economic situation in any way comparable to today’s was the Great Depression, and nothing Roosevelt or Congress tried solved the problem. It took WWII to get us out of it.

2. While there are similarities to the Great Depression in the effects the current depression is having on the U.S., it is not a simple repeat: it is unique. Therefore, no one can say for certain what will or will not work. All anyone can do is guess (and I would speculate that our leaders will guess wrong).

3. Whatever steps are taken to stimulate the economy, there can be no denying that the hundreds of billions of dollars poured down the drain in Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed enormously to the current crisis and continue to do so every minute that these wars go on.

4. Thus, the essential first step toward ameliorating the crisis is ending the wars. Without that step, no solution is possible.

5. Even though Democrats are as responsible for the current wars as were Republicans, it is usual, although inaccurate, to refer to them as “Bush’s wars.” With Democrats now occupying the White House and having majorities in both houses of Congress, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have, since noon on January 20, 2009, become Democrat’s wars, more specifically, Obama’s wars. Think on that: each and every person, soldier or civilian, who has been killed in either of our wars since noon on January 20th is the personal responsibility of Barak Obama, because he can end those wars in an instant. His thus becomes the latest name added to the long list of mass murderers this country has produced.

Are we going to do anything about that?



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