Israeli In Palestine / U.S. In Iraq

One cannot help but marvel at the passionate objection to the horror of the Israeli war crimes which, like it or not, pale to insignificance in the face of the onslaught of American crimes against humanity in Iraq since 1993, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Iraqi casualties, millions of people displaced, and thousands of casualties of young and old Americans. Concurrently, it could be observed there is a relatively tepid outcry from peace pundits locally for accountability and justice from virtually the entire Massachusetts political establishment who have condoned such wars and quietly endorse a process whereby “peace” is a dirty word, and the establishment of what may be the prototype mental and spiritual apartheid colony in advance of the forthcoming wars of Amerika. Threatened by lots of wind and verbal cymbals, the establishment may indeed be very comfortable that the more things seem to change, they very damn well remain the same. Amazing to me how letters to the editor objecting to the Israeli situation can be seen as propitious, while an appeal to a new President to not endorse the practice of discrimination against voices for peace and distortion of the minds of our children through romanticizing militarism, by satellite television in Birmingham North (South Boston) on St. Patrick’s Day 2009, is seen as peripheral. I guarantee you the voice of Martin Luther King would not have rung throughout the convention center hall. He, of course, would not have been invited. All the more reason now that his brother just might have to step up to what he says about leading a nation to justice, and mean what he says by demurring.



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