“You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught”

I have come to believe we are all students of punditocracy by virtue of exposure to TV. At meetings and marches throughout the country, we are exposed to profundities and bloviations by all on how to solve the Palestinian and other world crises. Though well meant, I am reminded now of the drunk at the bar waxing forth on how to solve the ills of the world, when, in fact, he could not put down the ruinous glass.

References are made to the criminal violations of world order, while children in the streets of New York witness their parents urging on the Israeli army to crisp the arabs. Meanwhile, in my City of Boston, preparations are being made to honor what were once residents of its Irish Ghettos for St. Patrick’s Day. Priests and politicians will be participating in ceremonies extolling peace and justice, and then passing the blessing on the latest rendition of Hitler’s Youth Corps – the JROTC brigades passing by in parade. These brigades will be made up of children of color, or somehow different than the children accompanied by middle class parents applauding – in truth, because it will not be their children subject to the horrors of war with its mercenary armies. In a world of mendacity, there is no history of validity, so that it is easy to forget that their forebears once fled the horror of Ireland in the face of the mercenary army of “Black and Tans” unleashed by the leaders of the empire then in vogue – now, replicated by our occupying forces in Iraq.

Preceding the parade will be tales of supposed hilarity issued forth by a political establishment almost all in lock step with fomenting the war in Iraq, and approval of the slaughter of innocents now in Palestine. Prayers and honorifics will be offered for these “blessed” politicians – blessed in that they have profited through the years of war on the backs of poor National Guardsmen who will be returning from war to medical malpractice, and no jobs.

Thereafter, to quiet their children, these same politicians, unconscious that their behavior has endorsed a spectacle of militarism distorting the minds of children as to the glory of war, will head to the local Blockbuster to insure their accompanying children are not exposed to films of obscenity and return with a copy of the musical, whistling the tune pointing out that children are taught to hate and fear – “You’ve got to be carefully taught.”

And the pundits will continue to expound on the possibility of peace – notwithstanding what the
children have been carefully taught.



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