The United States of Israel

I find it difficult to put into words, or even coherent thoughts, my reaction to the Senate’s resolution supporting Israel’s current slaughter of the people of Gaza. I am appalled. I am sickened. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be. After all, this same legislative body has authorized billions of dollars over the past nearly six years for the slaughter of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, so why should support of another country’s slaughter of the people whose land it has already stolen be so upsetting? I don’t know. Maybe it is because such abject surrender of the sovereignty of a nation of 304 million people to a bastard rogue state of 6.8 million is more than my mind get hold of.

The fool who is majority leader of the Senate says, “I ask any of my colleagues to imagine that happening here in the United States. Rockets and mortars coming from Toronto in Canada, into Buffalo New York. How would we as a country react?” as though there were anything similar in the two scenarios. How about, Senator Reid, asking how we would react if people from the east side of Buffalo were firing rockets at Canadians who had invaded and occupied the west side of Buffalo? Oh, you blind and stupid fool.

And what clearer answer could be given to those who foolishly had called upon our president-elect to speak out against the Israeli brutality, those who desperately still hold onto the hope that Obama is actually going to provide, as opposed to promising, change? Sure. Right away.

Edith Sitwell, 1940:

Still Falls the Rain
(The Raids, 1940, Night and Dawn)

Still falls the Rain—-
Dark as the world of man, black as our loss—-
Blind as the nineteen hundred and forty nails
Upon the Cross.

Still falls the Rain
With a sound like the pulse of the heart that is changed to the hammer-beat
In the Potter’s Field, and the sound of the impious feet

On the Tomb:
Still falls the Rain

In the Field of Blood where the small hopes breed and the human brain
Nurtures its greed, that worm with the brow of Cain. . . .



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