The Ruling Class (2)

What is occurring around the upcoming senatorial vacancy in New York seems to me the most blatant example in memory of a member of the ruling class trying to exert her privilege. I refer, of course, to Caroline Kennedy’s deciding that she should be appointed to the vacancy that will occur when [if?] Hillary resigns from the senate.

When Bobby Kennedy decided to run for the senate from New York in 1964, people were shocked. After all, how does someone who has never lived in New York ask the people of that state to elect him as one of their senators? Nonetheless, enough of the people of my home state were stupid enough to vote for him [on his album, “That Was The Year That Was,” Tom Lehrer noted that “Massachusetts is, after all, the only state with three senators”]. The same situation obtained when Hillary decided she should run for the senate from New York in 2000. Again, the people of New York demonstrated their inanity and elected her. But what Caroline Kennedy is asking for is a giant step beyond what Bobby and Hillary asked for: they at least entered the electoral process and campaigned for office. Caroline Kennedy, with no public record and no political history, wants to bypass the electoral process and claim her divine right to office. In New York, this is known as chutzpah.

Bobby was, and Caroline is, of course, a member of the U.S.’s royal family, the Kennedys (bow down, all). It is fascinating how a family whose fortune was made by family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy through stock market manipulation and bootlegging during Prohibition has come to occupy such an exalted place in U.S. hagiography. And, of course, it was Joe Kennedy’s connections to the mob which enabled him to go to them in 1960 and ask for help in JFK’s bid for the presidency. The mob came through and, as has always been common knowledge, stole Illinois for him, without which Nixon would have won the election.

A subset to the Caroline Kennedy ruling-class chutzpah is, of course, the ongoing Kennedy-Clinton battle for control of the Democratic wing of the one party. Even within the ruling class, there is not always agreement, although the differences are minor when compared to their common interests and goals.



One Response to “The Ruling Class (2)”

  1. Marco Tobin Says:

    Well, all one has to do is become part of the ruling class, right?? lol

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