Israelis Use White Phosphorus On Civilians

Jesus, Mary, Mother of God, is this willy peter the bastards are firing into Gaza? Is it white phosphorus, which burns through flesh to the bone, and is almost impossible to extinguish? For those of you wondering why I’m making something out of this, it’s because there’s little knowledge outside the military community, or even outside infantry/artillery, about this munition. Everyone who came out of the Vietnam era, civilian or soldier, knew about napalm, but the civilian side didn’t know about white phosphorus (which we referred to as “Willy Peter”). Of all the ways to kill and/or die in warfare, it’s got to be one of the most fiendish. This stuff gets on you, ignites spontaneously at ambient temperatures (as in body temperatures) if it’s not already burning, and burns white-hot at unthinkable temperatures. Your only options often are to let it burn all the way through, or try to dig it out with a knife. It was used on Fallujah. You can see it’s not a “precision” weapon, but an area munition. Gaza is a densely populated urban environment. Use your imagination.



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