In the Absence of Throwing Rocks

Marching alongside Boston Common today, demonstrating against the murderous bombing of the Palestinian people in Gaza, by America’s prototype military war machine in Israel, with some people in wheelchairs and on crutches, and my old friend Paul Brailsford (93) with a walker, it occurred to me that in about 35 years of doing so I have never witnessed participation of an elected official with the exception of the people’s advocate Chuck Turner, Boston City Councilor, now under investigation by the repository of integrity in America, the FBI. Of course, there was not a $1,000 suit or cashmere overcoat present either. On the lips of our most brilliant citizens (phew) is the dictum “Follow the Money,” when trying to find out the reasons for something occurring, and I did so, as I was hoarse from chanting.

Have you ever wondered what the average net worth of any Congressman in America was in March 2003, through the extent of the Iraq war, as against that of the average enlisted person in the suffering National Guard? Might be enlightening, particularly when it is considered that such accounting would not include millions of dollars in campaign funds through which expensive RV’s are purchased for campaign purposes really composed of safely transporting their children to private schools, or trips to the mall and photo-ops where they do expend some monies passing out mindless paraphernalia advocating “Support the Troops.” Such junk will inevitably be made in China of course, and dispensed with at a speech in a union hall while having construction done at their homes and offices with non-union labor. Can you imagine the howl were there a referendum terminating their family’s comfort zone when they vote for war; a referendum which would bar their personal remuneration from exceeding that of the lowest ranked service member of the National Guard in a combat zone for the duration of the war. Shit, imagine the howl of their prime sponsors, were the referendum to extend to those businessmen engaged in support of the war, or development of armaments. Better yet, such a referendum would include the provision that no citizen would be ordered into a combat zone absent the presence first of any member 17 years of age, male or female, of a Congressman’s extended family.

While delighting in such reverie, despite the roar of the demonstrators, and bringing “Follow the Money” on down, I could not escape the thought that none of our hands are clean. It is my taxes that built and supports the Israeli war machine spreading democracy through collateral damage, i.e. the slaughter of innocents 50-1!



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