Congesssional Wealth

According to Reuters (5/13/08), the Center for Responsive Politics reported that the median net worth of senators was estimated at $1.7 million and House of Representatives members at $675,000. Forthermore, “the report said, ‘Members of Congress, who are now paid about $169,000 annually, saw their net worths soar 84 percent from 2004 to 2006, on average.'”



2 Responses to “Congesssional Wealth”

  1. Carol Says:

    Can’t resist a comment on this one. I would prefer that in order to qualify to run for a Federal office, the politician would have to serve for two years in one of the branches of service as an enlistee. If they do not pass the physical to do this – then they must give two years to an in-service agency working in any areas that the uses services of social workers, etc.,, inner city schools as aides, state funded nursing homes, etc. and they must live on those salaries.

  2. tonyjack Says:

    sorry, but we couldn’t reconcile our goal of a world without war with a legislative body trained by the mililitary. public service, though, sounds like an excellent idea.

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